Shawn McGrath

Leroy, SK

“I used Authority┬« Charge on 2000 acres of flax in 2013 and was very happy with the results. The weed control was excellent right from the get go. By the time my flax was out of the ground, the Authority Charge was activated and the weeds were being controlled with the residual activity. This early weed removal is important to a non-competitive crop like flax, as I believe this helps increase yield in the end.”

“The long residual of Authority Charge was impressive as it kept the crop clean the entire growing season. Besides controlling the wild buckwheat and kochia, I was most impressed with how well it did on the cleavers. Cleavers has become a major issue for me as a flax grower in recent years. We have had very limited answers to this weed until now. Authority Charge is a welcomed solution to this problem.”

“I experimented with multiple rates across the 2000 acres to see what would work best for my high organic matter soil (6-7%). After seeing the results I will definitely use the high rate in the future as it gave a more consistent and longer lasting control of the cleavers across all soil types. Another great feature of Authority Charge that I like is that it is a brand new mode of action (Group 14). I am very glad I tried Authority Charge and will definitely be using it on all my acres of flax and peas in the future. “