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The most comprehensive broadleaf burnoff label available to canola growers with added extended control of cleavers.

Label - Command Charge A


Label - Command Charge B




Command® Charge herbicide provides the most robust weed control options infront of canola.  When tank mixed with glyphosate, it provides three modes of action for resistance management.  Command® Charge herbicide comes in an easy-to-use flexible co pack that allows for maximimum efficacy of both active ingredients.


  • Control of more than 20 weeds
  • Extended control of cleavers
  • Utilizing a unique combination of groups 13, 14 and 9 when tank mixed with glyphosate.


Chemical Group: 13 and 14

Registered and Supported Tank-Mixes: glyphosate

Timing: Pre-seed infront of canola (all herbicide tolerant canola systems)

*Can be used in front of soybeans in Manitoba and Eastern Canada


Crop Rotation:

4 months – Winter Wheat

12 months – Beans (white, kidney, snap), Corn (field, sweet), Peas, Potatoes, Wheat (spring, durum), Spring Barley, Oats, Lentils

16 months – All other crops

Application Information:

Packaging & Rates:

Command® Charge A – 2 x 5.4 L jugs per case @ 40 acres per jug (80 acres per case)

Command® Charge B – 2 x 1.2 L jugs per case @ 40 acres per jug (80 acres per case)

Water Volume:

10 US gal per acre (100 L/Ha)

Mixing Instructions:

Fill spray tank one-half to two-thirds full of water. With agitator operating add the recommended amount of ingredients using the WAMLEGS order.

Wettable powders, dispersible, soluble granules (WG, DF, SG, WP, SP)

Agitate tank-mix thoroughly

Micro-encapsulated suspensions (ME)

Liquid flowables and suspensions (SC, SL, SN, Li, SU, SE)

Emulsifiable concentrate formulations (EC)

  • Fill spray tank nearly full with water

Glyphosate formulations


  • Complete filling the spray tank to the desired level