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Beleaf® 50SG insecticide contains an active ingredient different from any other major class of insecticide. It targets piercing and sucking pests so effectively that both immature and adult stages stop feeding within 30 minutes of application. It works by contact or ingestions and disrupts an insect’s nervous system, which leads to an inability to feed. Beleaf 50SG is a convenient, effective solution and great as part of an overall pest management program. Beleaf 50SG is a very selective chemistry, which allows beneficial insects to thrive in treated areas.

Potato Plus Program






Quick Facts

  • Approved for use on leafy vegetables and fruiting vegetables, cucurbits, brassicas, potatoes, pome and stone fruits
  • Translaminar movement for control on contact and ingestion
  • Insects begin to stop feeding within 30 minutes of application
  • More MRL approvals mean more international sales
  • Rainfast when it dries on the leaf surface
  • Provides 14-21 days of control depending on rate and pest population
  • Soft on beneficial insects such as bees and predator mites
  • Can be used any time during the crop season including flowering
  • The PHI is zero for vegetables and seven days for potatoes
  • No known cross-resistance with other insecticides