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NEW Intruvix™ Herbicide

Friday February 7th, 2020

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New Intruvix™ herbicide delivers complete broadleaf weed control and a resistance management strategy in one box

When added to glyphosate it’s the only herbicide for cereal growers with four modes of action

MISSISSAUGA, ON – February 4, 2020 – Newly registered Intruvix™ herbicide delivers fast burnoff activity and systemic control of broadleaf weeds plus it’s the first resistance-beating, four-modes-of-action combination when added to glyphosate.

“Intruvix herbicide is a key tool for growers in Western Canada as they combat an increasing number of resistant weeds,” says Rob McClinton, burnoff, cereals and PrecisionPac® herbicides manager for FMC Canada. This includes weeds now resistant to glyphosate, an important herbicide in Western Canadian agriculture.

“Adding other modes of action to your spring cleanup through the application of Intruvix herbicide, in combination with glyphosate, will help protect against weed resistance,” says McClinton.

Scientists agree that using herbicides with multiple modes of action is part of an integrated solution to battle weed resistance. With four modes of action (MOA) from Groups 2, 4, 9 and 14, Intruvix herbicide hits weeds at multiple target sites.

There are over 30 weeds on the Intruvix herbicide label including tough-to-control weeds such as herbicide-resistant kochia (including biotypes resistant to Groups 2 and 9), narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard, cleavers, and volunteer canola.

“Growers who use Intruvix herbicide will see fast-burning activity with the power of systemic action on some tough-to-control weeds,” says McClinton. “The overlapping activity provided by four modes of action working together results in cleaner fields for farmers without the worry of a resistant weed escape.”

The product offers wide-open re-cropping flexibility next spring when applied as a spring burnoff or chemfallow application. When applied post-harvest, re-cropping options include canola, corn, oats, spring barley, soybeans, wheat (spring or durum) and white beans. It’s suitable for all soil types from brown to black to grey.

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