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Top Crop Manager – Stick to the Blueprint to Maximize Yields in Lentils

Tuesday January 21st, 2020

Managing for the long-term wins in pulses

Growing lentils isn’t often much like caring for Holsteins but both cash crop and dairy farms thrive under a long-term plan.

“Take care of your cows and they” take care of you, ” Kevin Krahn’s dad used to say when Kevin and his wife Sherry took over the family’s purebred dairy operation in 1988.  Now they grow peas, lentils, durum, some barley and canola.  The wisdom from Kevin’s dad transferred into cash cropping after they sold the cows.

“I think the same think applies to the land,” says Krahn from his farm new Swift Current.  “We try to make decisions based on the long-term health of each field just like we did with the cows.”

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