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Every farm is unique. Every field is different. Buy exactly the amount you need and choose from 12 different high-performing herbicide blends that match your agronomic needs.

PrecisionPac CS-75-2525


PrecisionPac CS-75-23235


PrecisionPac CS-100-2525


PrecisionPac DB-8454


PrecisionPac GP


PrecisionPac PP-23235


PrecisionPac Narrow-Leaved Hawk's-Beard


Key Agronomic Charts


Minimum and Maximum Charts


Thanks to a revolutionary new dispensing system, your crop protection retailer can help you choose the PrecisionPac® herbicide that matches your agronomic needs, and then give you exactly the right amount for your field size or sprayer tank.

Quick Facts

  • High-performing weed control – targeted to the weed spectrum in the field
  • Ease of use – all in one pouch, labeled for the specific field
  • Reduced waste – the right sized container, using small pouches
  • Variable length of herbicide activity – short residual or extended control
  • Specific use patterns – for in-crop, pre-seed, chem-fallow, or post-harvest
  • Resistance management – multiple modes of action
  • Custom package size – purchase exactly the amount you need
  • Environmental Stewardship – right product, right rate, right acre


As of November 1, 2017, the USEPA registration for all products noted in this document have been sold to FMC by DuPont.

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