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Exirel™ insecticide, one step closer to a stronger crop.





Exirel™ insecticide, powered by Cyazypyr™, is a new insecticide for fruit and vegetable growers that can help produce a stronger crop in the field for a more appealing crop at harvest.

Exirel™ insecticide is powered by Cyazypyr™, the first active ingredient for outstanding foliar protection against a cross-spectrum of sucking and chewing pests including cabbage looper, armyworm, and now spotted wing drosophila in stone fruit and blueberries. Exirel™.

It has excellent crop safety that makes it a highly effective part of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy.

Quick Facts

  • Conserves beneficial arthropods to help in pest control.
  • New mode-of-action for thrips, spotted wing drosophila and sucking insects.
  • Favourable Eco-tox and E-fate profile; providing low impact on the environment.
  • Convenient, group 28, single-active formulation.


  • Brassica Vegetables
  • Bulb Vegetables
  • Bush Berries
  • Corm And Tuberous Vegetables
  • Cucurbit Vegetables
  • Fruiting Vegetables
  • Leafy Vegetables
  • Legume Vegetables
  • Low Growing Berries (Except Strawberry)
  • Peanuts
  • Pome Fruit Group
  • Root Vegetables (Except Sugar Beet)
  • Stone Fruit Group
  • TFV
  • Tobacco
  • Tobacco Hornworm (suppression)
  • Tomato Hornworm (suppression)
  • Tree Nuts Group
  • Aphids
  • Apple Maggot
  • Armyworm
  • Bean Leaf Beetle (Suppression)
  • Beet Armyworm
  • Black Headed Fire Worm
  • Black Vine Weevil (Adults)
  • Blueberry Aphid
  • Blueberry Gall Midge
  • Blueberry Maggot (Suppression)
  • Cabbage Looper
  • Cherry Fruit Fly
  • Clay Coloured Weevil (Adults)
  • Codling Moth
  • Colorado Potato Beetle
  • Corn Earworm
  • Cranberry Fruitworm
  • Diamondback Moth
  • Dipteran Leafminers (Larvae)
  • European Apple Sawfly
  • European Corn Borer
  • European Leafroller
  • Eyespotted Bud Moth
  • Fall Armyworm
  • Flea Beetles
  • Fruittree Leafroller
  • Green Peach Aphid
  • Imported Cabbageworm
  • Japanese Beetle
  • Obliquebanded Leafroller
  • Oriental Fruit Moth
  • Peach Twig Borer
  • Plum Aphid
  • Plum Curculio
  • Rosy Apple Aphid
  • Soybean Aphid
  • Sparganothis Fruitworm
  • Spotted Tentiform Leafminer
  • Spotted Wing Drosophila
  • Swede Midge
  • Three-lined Leafroller
  • Thrips (Suppression)
  • Tobacco Hornworm (Suppression)
  • Tomato Fruitworm
  • Tomato Hornworm (Suppression)
  • Tufted Apple Bud Moth
  • Variegated Cutworm
  • Western Cherry Fruit Fly
  • Western Tentiform Leafminer
  • White Apple Leafhopper