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This innovative insecticide helps to optimize the yield and quality of your corn through reliable and consistent control of Western Bean Cutworm (WBC). It is fast acting, for rapid cessation of feeding, delivers extended residual control, including translaminar movement across the leaf surface. Coragen also controls hatching insects to manage establishment and growth of pest populations. It has application and harvest flexibility and excellent rainfastness.



Western Bean Cutworm






As such, it provides excellent control of pest populations that are resistant to other insecticides. It controls hatching insects all the way through to adult stages of development and is easy on bees and beneficials.

Coragen® is now registered for use on cereals, canola and sunflowers and is also registered for use on: brassica vegetables, cucurbit vegetables, corn (field, sweet, seed, pop), fodder and hay, fruiting vegetables, grass forage, greenhouse vegetables, leafy vegetables, mint, non-grass animal feeds, okra, potatoes, tuberous and corm vegetables. The broad-spectrum and residual control attributes of Coragen® make it a great tool in managing the quality of these many crops.

Quick Facts

  • Provides extended control, including translaminar movement
  • Application and harvest flexibility
  • Active ingredient from a novel group of chemistry with no cross resistance to other chemistries
  • Controls hatching insects all the way through to adult stages of development
  • Low use rates and low mammalian toxicity
  • Its unique environmental and toxicological profile, make Coragen® a sound choice for growers and applicators.