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Authority 480 is a pre-plant/pre-emergence solution for broadleaf weed control. It can be applied with or without glyphosate and will alleviate pressure from the first flush of weeds and help make post emergent weed control more effective. Authority 480 herbicide’s broad spectrum control and excellent crop safety make it an ideal component in an IP program.

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Quick Facts

  • Controls tough broadleaf weeds that can rob yields
  • Group 14 Mode of Action – a solution for managing weed resistance
  • Use as a preplant or preemergence to control weeds early and gain extra yield
  • Soil applied

Chemical Group: Group 14 Registered and Supported Tank Mixes: Nu-Image and other imazethapyr products. Timing: Authority® 480 herbicide alone, or in the recommended tank-mixes, may be applied to the soil surface as a broadcast spray after planting of the crop, but prior to weed or crop emergence. Pre-emergence application may be made in all tillage systems (conventional, conservation, minimum, ridge, etc.). Rainfall and/or overhead sprinkler irrigation is necessary to move Authority® 480 herbicide into the upper soil surface where weed seeds germinate. Crop Rotation:

Rotational Crop Replant Interval (Months)
Alfalfa 12
Barley 12
Broccoli Anytime
Cabbage Anytime
Canola 12
Cauliflower Anytime
Chickpea Anytime
Corn, Field 12
Corn, sweet and pop 24
Faba bean Anytime
Field pea Anytime
Flax Anytime
Horse radish Anytime
Lentils 24
Potatoes Anytime
Sorghum 24
Soybeans Anytime
Sunflowers Anytime
Spring and durum wheat 12
Tame mustard Anytime (low rate only)
Tomato (transplants) Anytime
Winter wheat 4

Application Information: Apply pre-plant or post-seed (up to 3 days after seeding). Early application (pre-plant) increases activation potential via spring showers. Post seed application should be considered in higher disturbance situations. Clean out tank after using Authority® 480 herbicide. When spraying Authority® 480 herbicide for multiple days, at the end of each day, rinse tank with water and leave 1/3 full of water overnight. Rates and Packaging: 4 x 3.79 L jugs per case. Each 3.79 L jug treats 32 – 43 acres per jug. Water Volume: 10 gal/ac provides best uniform soil coverage with medium to coarse droplet sizes. Rainfastness: N/A. Tank Mixtures: Fill spray tank one-half to two-thirds full with water. With agitator operating, add the recommended amount of ingredients using the WAMLEGS order:

Wettable powders, dispersible granules, soluble granules (WG, DF, SG, WP, SP)

Agitate tank mix thoroughly

Micro-encapsulated suspensions (ME)

Liquid flowables and suspensions (SC, SL, SN, Li, SU, SE)

Emulsifiable concentrate formulations (EC)

Fill spray tank nearly full with water

Glyphosate formulations


Complete filling the spray tank to the desired level