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Ally® is a post emergent herbicide for use in crops including wheat (spring and durum), barley, established creeping red fescue, orhchard grass, crested and intermediate wheat grass and timothy. Ally is a dry flowable that will control broadleaf weeds such as redroot pigweed, stinkweed, flixweed and kochia.





Chemical Group: Group 2

Registered and Supported Tank Mixes:

  • 2,4-D (Amine/Ester): Barley, wheat.
  • Assure® II: Creeping red fescue.
  • Harmony® Grass 240 EC: Spring wheat, durum wheat.
  • Clodinafop: Spring wheat, durum wheat.
  • MCPA (Amine/Ester): Barley, wheat.
  • Puma® Advance: Spring wheat, durum wheat, barley.

Timing: 2-leaf to flag-leaf stage.

Crop Rotation: For black and grey wooded soils of pH 7.9 or lower, please refer to the re-cropping recommendations on the next page.

Application Information:

Rates: 3 g/ac (40 ac/pouch) used alone in barley, wheat and creeping red fescue.

Surfactant: Add a registered non-ionic surfactant (NIS) at 2 L per 1000 L of spray solution (0.2% v/v).

Water Volume: 40 L/ac (9 imp. gal/ac).

  • Cereals
  • Forage Grass
  • Wheat