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FMC searches the globe for innovative chemistries to continually be on the front lines of crop protection and bring you the solutions you need for your operation. Our products provide proven, bottom-line results demanded by growers.


AIM® EC East

AIM EC aids in your glyphosate burnoff application, giving you more effective, quicker burn down of hard to control weeds, including many glyphosate-resitant biotypes. Producers get excellent performance prior to seeding corn, soybeans and wheat.

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AIM® EC West

Aim pre-seed herbicide reduces weed competition controlling a number of troublesome weeds including glyphosate tolerant varieties. Producers get a quicker burn down with the addition of Aim with the flexibility of seeding immediately after application, including canola and lentils.

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Authority® 480 East

Authority 480 is a pre-plant/pre-emergence solution for broadleaf control. It can be applied with or without glyphosate and will alleviate pressure from the first flush of weeds and help make post emergent weed control more effective. Authority’s broad spectrum control and excellent crop safety make it an ideal component in an IP program.

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Authority® 480 West

Authority 480 provides excellent residual activity on challenging weeds like kochia, redroot pigweed, lamb’s quarters, wild buckwheat and cleavers. Give your crop the clean start that it deserves with Authority 480.

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Authority® Charge

Authority Charge has two active ingredients, sulfentrazone and carfentrazone. It delivers long lasting residual weed control while providing an excellent burndown of a broad spectrum of troublesome weeds.

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Command® 360 ME East

Command herbicide features a unique microencapsulation formula that makes it a top performer at controlling a broad spectrum of grasses and broadleaf weeds in sweet potatoes, soybeans and cucurbits. It is an excellent tank mix partner.

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Command® 360 ME West

Command is a Group 13 pre-emergent herbicide that will provide canola growers with residual control of cleavers and will be an integral part of an overall cleaver management program in canola. It is an easy to use liquid formulation that can be tank-mixed with glyphosate for a one pass pre-seed application. Command can be used with any canola herbicide system.

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Focus® East

Focus is a convenient, easy to us, pre-emergent grass control product for corn, soybeans and wheat. It is a grass herbicide that has broadleaf weed activity, making it an ideal pre-plant / pre-emergence solution to help fight weed resistance and to maximize yield.

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Focus® West

Focus provides residual weed control with a new mode of action. It has activity on foxtail(s), downy brome and Japanese brome. Focus provides reduced early season weed pressure from residual activity and a faster burnoff when tank mixed with glyphosate.

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Fracture® biofungicide introduces a completely new mode of action to disease management, providing decisive, multi-site control in a way that no other fungicide can claim. Fracture® separates itself from all other fungicides and has no known cross-resistance to any fungicide class, making it the optimum resistance management partner.

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Fullback™ is a highly systemic fungicide that offers the very best control of powdery mildew and other key diseases in a variety of crops. Fullback™ has both curative and preventative disease control activity. Fullback is an ideal choice as the foundation in any pest management program and can be easily tank mixed to complement other modes of action, making it an excellent resistance management tool.

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Rovral® Flo

Rovral Flo is the canola fungicide that provides the best value for growers. With a unique group 2 mode of action and easy to use flowable formulation, Rovral Flo has been providing protection against sclerotinia for decades.

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Rovral® WP

Rovral WP provides three-way protection on valuable fruit and vegetable crops: protectant, kickback activity and local systemic activity. As a group 2 fungicide, Rovral is an excellent rotational product to protect fruit and vegetables from many destructive diseases.

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Beleaf insecticide targets piercing and sucking pests so effectively that they being to stop feeding within 30 minutes of application. It works by contact and ingestions, disrupting an insect’s nervous system, which leads to its inability to feed and the results you are looking for.

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Capture insecticide offers a unique mode of action for control of wireworm damage in potatoes. Capture can also take out multiple species of weevil and other hard to control pests in raspberries.

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Pounce® 384EC East

Pounce insecticide features broad spectrum control and delivers excellent residual activity, minimizing the need for repeat applications. This proven and highly effective chemistry controls insects in potatoes, vegetables and numerous other crops.

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Pounce® 384EC West

Pounce insecticide is an economical, reliable solution for control of flea beetles in canola. It is also very effective on cutworms in canola, cereals, corn, flax, lentils, peas & sunflowers.

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Harvest Aid

AIM® EC Harvest Aid

A harvest aid is used to desiccate or dry down weed and/or crop vegetation to make harvest more efficient and timely. AIM has fast activity on a wide spectrum of broadleaf weeds that can delay your harvest.

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